Tampere is a state of mind

Tampere has a startup mindset. We adapt to the changing world with curiosity and a dynamic stance. Resilience is in our DNA. Relying on our heritage, we recognize new business that our smart city can offer for startups. We dream big, act quickly and then roll up our sleeves.

Tampere has a favorable climate for innovations; we have the infrastructure and services, support of the city and a common vision, everything a growing startup needs. Startups can use our testbeds for rapid prototyping and POC’s. We have built a unique way of creating new knowhow and our city, corporates, educational institutions and citizens are here to support your growth.

Our community has roots in the past and the creative spirit can be seen in our startup ecosystem; it is easy to get to know people and engage the community. Low levels of hierarchy lets you aim high in Tampere.

We are here to enable the success of our startups.

Innovations from the past and into the future

When the first lightbulb in the Nordics was lit in Tampere, our curiosity towards the new and the unknown was ignited as well.

The traditional manufacturing industry in Tampere evolved into cell phone technology, followed by smart technologies. Today, the world is open to business ideas of the smallest of niches, such as signal processing. Thanks to our ability to solve challenges in creative ways and rise to the occasion, we have grown bigger than our size. Resilience is in our DNA.

Not only does Tampere have a favorable climate for innovation but it supports the prerequisites for it as well. We have the infrastructure, services, a strong community, the support of the city and a common vision. We enable the success of our startups.

Tampere is a state of mind

Tampere is the most desirable city to live in – and in the happiest country in the world. The city is growing and developing at a wild pace. The positive vibe of our city attracts talent and creatives to live in the region. What’s not to like; the spirit of creativity in the city can be seen everywhere. Our startup ecosystem is made up of this kind of people.

It’s possible for everyone to make their dreams come true in Tampere. Dreams fuel our decisions. Our decisions drive us into action. Tampere is an attitude – this is our cultural heritage.



Seed stage


Revenue phase


University spinoffs


Serial entrepreneurs


International founder


Our Top 3 industries are Software and business services (37%) Gaming and entertainment industry (16%) and Healthcare and health technology (12%).

Tampere region startup and scaleup funnel

Access to a constant pipeline of high quality talent

We constantly adapt to the changing world, due to the high ratio of young adults in Tampere. There are 30,000 higher education students in the city, with 5,000 new students arriving each year. Vitality and fresh ideas are abundant.

The robust academic community promotes and adds retention of workforce and talent in the region. Tampere is attractive for corporate R&D units due to a large talent pool. This in turn is an asset where we can connect our top talent with our startups.

By combining the knowhow of the city, corporates, educational institutions, research institutes and citizens we create an exceptional platform for developing new ideas.

Residents in region


Students in universities and vocational colleges


ICT companies


Experts working on data, AI & analytics


Two phone calls to reach anyone

In Tampere we have always been active in networkers all over the globe. Our connections and networks have made our startup community more accessible than ever.

Knowing each other in Tampere as well Finland is a huge asset – you can reach almost anyone with a couple of phone calls. Our compact size is a strength we leverage. Low levels of hierarchy and bureaucracy make reaching out easy and this will help you aim higher.

Test the future, act now

We have recognized opportunities for new business and scaling that are abundant that our city has for startups. Public services and projects, such as the tram or the University Hospital development can be used for as testbeds for rapid prototyping in Tampere.

This gives startups new ways for agile experiments and fast learning opportunities to make their companies grow. You can run pilots with corporates in IoT, AI, health tech, automotive, SoC, imaging and circular economy to name a few.

We’ve got your back

In Tampere you can be yourself and we are known for diversity. When you arrive in Tampere, you are coming home.

Our startup community is active and growing. We value teamwork and we support each other. It is easy to get to know people and to become part of the community. We offer startups a great platform for growth and a comprehensive service portfolio.

Our community stays energetic and vibrant when people and ideas are in motion. The more diversity we have leads to more innovative outcomes.